Business and Commercial Law

At The Law Offices of Benjamin P. Eisenberger, we have been serving clients in the areas of business and commercial law for 30 years. Our firm is proud of our contributions to the economic viability of various New York City businesses. Our clients include primarily small businesses and corporations.

General Business and Commercial Issues

We provide a wide variety of services and are experienced in handling all needs in the business and commercial areas, including:

• Preparation of agreements;
• Sale and purchase of business;
• Analyzing financial statements;
• Due diligence representation relating to financing and funding for business operations;
• Preparation of employment contracts, including independent contractor agreements;
• Restrictive covenants;
• Dissolution;

Business Organizations

We explore many issues with clients when organizing your business, knowing that anticipated consequences may arise in the future. After taking all issues into account, we advise on organizational options, including:

• Incorporation (business);
• Partnership;
• Limited Liability Companies (LLC);
• Professional Corporations (PC);
• Professional Limited Liability Companies (PLLC);

After careful analysis and review of a client’s objectives we will prepare appropriate partnership, shareholder or Limited Liability Company operating Agreements.


We have had extensive experience in business and business organization litigation, including Dissolution and Accounting actions.

If you need a competent, experienced business and commercial law attorney, please contact us at (212) 406-2811 or by email at