New York City’s landlord and tenant laws are among the most complex and intricate in the nation. All landlords and tenants, both large and small, need expert legal guidance to help them operate in this complicated environment.

Benjamin P. Eisenberger is experienced in all facets of landlord/tenant law. The firm has practiced landlord/tenant law for nearly three decades, and has built up an excellent relationship with the local judiciary. Some of the firm’s clients have been represented by The Law Offices of Benjamin P. Eisenberger for over 20 years.

We advise and represent both landlords and tenants on matters concerning apartment, house, co-op, condo, and commercial leases, including evictions and lease negotiation, drafting, and termination. We can advise you on the rights of both landlords and tenants, and help to resolve difficult situations in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

The Law Offices of Benjamin P. Eisenberger offers clients a full range of legal services, including:


• Residential & Commercial non-payment proceedings;
• Residential & Commercial holdover proceedings (including non-primary and illegal sublet proceedings);
• Appeals to the Appellate Term, and Appellate Division;
• Yellowstone and other Supreme Court Actions;
• Administrative Proceedings;
• Article 78 Proceedings;


• Preparation and negotiation of all types of leases, including store, home, apartment, co-op, condo, loft, net leases, subleases, and other lease transactions.

The firm has the resources and experience to handle virtually any legal matter arising out of the landlord/tenant relationship.

If you need a competent, experienced landlord and tenant law attorney, please contact us at (212) 406-2811 or by, email at