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gavel, top real estate attorney in new yorkNow in his more than 30 years of the practice of law, Benjamin P. Eisenberger Esq. offers experience, knowledge, compassion, insight and a common sense approach to his clients’ legal matters.

The firm’s practice areas are concentrated in the following fields of law (representative areas):

Real Estate: (House Closings; Coop Closings; Condo Closings; Real Estate Litigation; Office, Store & Building Leases);
Landlord/Tenant: (Commercial Proceedings; Residential Proceedings; Non-primary residence cases; negotiate leases);
Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning: (Wills; Irrevocable Trust; Revocable Trust; Powers of Attorney);
Probate & Estate Administration: (Estate Probate; Estate Administration; Contested Estates);
Commercial & Business Matters: (Business Purchase; Store Purchase; Share-holder Agreements);
Civil Litigation: (primarily relating to commercial, estate & real estate matters)


Service to our clients is our paramount concern. We think of ourselves as an old-fashioned “boutique” style law office, not an assembly line law factory or legal clinic as is all too common today.

Essential to the delivery of client services is frequent communication with the client, prompt and full disclosure of the status of a matter or case and presenting all possible options to the client as well as the anticipated costs in order to ensure that the client makes a truly informed decision.

If you have a problem that cannot be solved without legal help, we will give you advice that is grounded in solid legal experience. Call for an appointment and begin the legal process.



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